Animals Video

By Bethany Gleave

This cheeky pug is so obsessed with crisps that he refuses to listen to his owner unless she offers him one – especially if it’s cheese and onion.

When Frank is in the middle of mischief he will stop whatever he is doing the second he hears a crisp bag opening.

The snack addict runs circles around his owner Kate Bayliss, 36, but knows exactly how to make sure he gets a taster of his favourite snack.


Kate confesses that she, hubby Phil and their three kids can sometimes munch their way through 40 bags of crisps a week, with five-month-old Frank using his ‘puppy dog eyes’ to his advantage so that he gets his pack a day.

However, after being classed as overweight by the vet, Kate has had to try and curb her dog’s addiction and reduce the number of crisps he eats, something she admits Frank isn’t too impressed with.

Kate, an operations manager from Stafford, said: “I live next to a country pub and we often sit in the beer garden.

“Everyone loves Frank and I think people had been giving him sneaky crisps so now as soon as he hears a crisp packet he thinks he’s getting a treat.

“He loves any crisp but he goes mad when its cheese and onion. However he’s fussy and will mostly only eat Walkers.


“As soon as he sees the packet is open he just runs over.

“He has got a talent for sure. Even if I just show him the packet he runs over but I can’t say no to giving him a crisp. It’s the eyes, he just makes it impossible.

“I always try and trick him but he just barks if he doesn’t get his treat. Sometimes he can even look like he is crying, he has tears in his eyes.

But Frank’s puppy dog eyes and addiction to crisps aren’t doing him any favours, with the vet saying he has to cut down in order to shed the pounds.

Kate says she is limiting his intake but that discipline is much easier if she is equipped with a packet.


Kate said: “He is classed as overweight, so we’ve had to limit his intake.

“The vet isn’t happy that I have crisps in my bag as a treat rather than dog treats.

“I have to have crisps with me all day every day.

“I have them all over the house – in the kitchen, front room and bedroom. I also always have a pack in my handbag.

“We buy one of the big multipack boxes a week, but I do have three kids.

“He only has one out of the packet, I wouldn’t give him the whole thing.”

Kate jokes that most people think that Frank’s real name is ‘Crisp’ and that the landlord of the pub often taunts Frank over the fence.

Kate said: “A lot of people think that his name is Crisp because I shout it so much.

“He does answer to Frank, but he won’t do anything unless there’s a crisp as an incentive.

“If he goes out into the garden you can’t get him back in without the crisps.

“I do use a packet a day sometimes.

“The landlord of the pub tries to wind him up sometimes by opening packets over the fence which sends Frank mad.”