Offbeat Video

By Ben Whalley

A greenkeeper has demonstrated his skills on the football pitch by creating videos of his impressive trick shots.

Tending to golf courses by day, Liam Coyte, from Essex, prefers a kickabout with a bigger ball in his spare time.

The talented 32 year old began practicing target shooting in his early twenties, and finally made the leap into filming his trick shots at the age of 26.

He said: “I’ve always liked to play football from a young age, but I feel with trick shots it’s something you do really need to practice at.

“Some days are better than others but over time I’ve become better and better.”

Honing his ball skills most days after work and making videos when he can, Liam also feels his talents helpS him when playing games too.

“In some match situations, the skills do help; mainly for set pieces. And it can help when making long passes too.”

Admitting that it’s hard to come up with new ideas after a few years of ball balancing and target shooting, Liam says he could easily soar with his skills if he had more access to better places and locations.

“My favourite tricks to do are with moving targets and I saw a lot of trick shot videos online which gave me my initial ideas, but I feel I can come up with better shots than those I’ve seen.”