Life Video

By Bilal Kuchay

An Indian teen without hands has surprised everyone by scoring almost 90 percent marks in major high school examinations- all by writing answer sheets with pen inserted in socks. 

Shivam Solanki, 17, from Vadodara in the western Indian state of Gujarat had suffered an electric shock from a high-tension line while he was trying to catch hold of a kite, over six years ago.


The freak accident left him permanently disabled as both his arms and a leg had to be amputated.

However, Shivam, who has not been to school since the incident happened, continued studying through private classes and appeared in his high school board exams-most important examinations in Indian education system, earlier this year without taking help of any scribe.

He inserted the pen inside a sock covering his amputated arm to write down the answer sheets that he has been practising for last three years.

An elated Shivam said: “I was eleven years old when I lost both my arms and a leg due to an electric shock from a high tension line.

“I had to quit my school as I was not able to walk, go to washroom or change my clothes on my own. I was completely dependent on my family.


“But then one day, my mother covered my arm with a sock and inserted a pen inside it and asked me to write. 

“Initially, I was not able to write even an alphabet but she encouraged me to practise. After three years of practise, I was able to write like normal people.

“It is because of my mother that I’ve done good in the exams.”

Shivam’s parents Mukesh Solanki, 52, and Hansaben Solanki, 50, both work as sweepers with the local municipality department.


His father Mukesh said: “For two and half years since the accident, our son was not able to do anything. We had lost all our hopes and were worried about his future. 

“But, then my wife started encouraging him that he should start doing things on his own, otherwise life would be very challenging for him.

“Shivam worked very hard and today the result is in front of us. This is the happiest moment of my life that despite all the challenges my son has cleared his board exams with such a good percentage. I’m so proud of my son.”


Soon after the results were declared on Monday, Mukesh said hundreds of people even government officers came to their house and congratulated Shivam. 

Shivam’s parents want their son to take admission in a higher secondary school now and pursue his dream to become a doctor.

“I want to take science stream and join medicine after class 12th. My parents want me to join regular classes now. I’m also eager to go to school again,” Shivam added.