Life Video

By Amy Farnworth 

Fun loving firefighters treated children to an impromptu dance show during a fire alarm evacuation after being called to a school. 

Children from Gomersal Primary School, Bradford, West Yorkshire, were delighted when firefighters performed the ‘flossing’ dance on a grass bank above their playground, last Friday. 

Lined up in the schoolyard following the alarm on Friday afternoon, the children screamed and shouted in excitement as three members of Blue Watch of the West Yorkshire fire service, strutted their stuff while attempting the latest dance craze.

Firefighter David Burke, who took the video, said: “I was driving the fire engine that day when we got a call out to a fire alarm activation at Gomersal Primary School. 

“When we got there the children were already outside in the playground. 

“We sent some of the crew inside to check the smoke alarms and see what had happened.

“Luckily it was only a false alarm; one of the teachers had been cooking pancakes.”

Firefighter, David, said that while some of the crew were checking the alarm, the remaining members of Blue Watch were stood on the embankment.

He said: “We do a lot of work with primary school children in terms of delivering fire safety advice and a good way of engaging with them is to make the subject fun.

“We’ve not worked with Gomersal Primary before but as we already had a captive audience in the playground that day, I thought it would be fun to encourage one of the guys to have a go at flossing.

“He was a bit reluctant at first but when the rest of the crew came outside, two more guys got involved, and they did the dance.

“The children responded like they were at a pop concert!”

With Watch Manager, Andy Horsley, coordinating the moves, Firefighters, Andy Clarke, Matt Daly, and Iain McGaig entertained the packed playground before leaving to carry out further duties.

In a similar fashion to the ‘Dab’, the act of flossing has captured the imagination of kids everywhere after being made popular in the Fortnite video game.

David said: “An important part of our job, and any public service, is to engage with communities.

“The kids were excited to see firefighters anyway, and as it was the last day of term, flossing for them was a lovely way to end their week.”