Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

After being abandoned by his family and left in a dog shelter, this terrified pooch trembled in fear in his kennel before being rescued by a heartbroken Samaritan.

The Fort Worth Animal Care and Control shelter in Texas, USA, sees several dogs left indefinitely in their care every day, but one submission on March 24th left Paige King, a lead volunteer for seven years at the center, heartbroken.

Trembling uncontrollably in a kennel after being suddenly abandoned by his family on account of his believed health problems, 3-year-old mix-breed Neno seemed as if he wanted to disappear in his visibly terrified state.

Despite having up to 50 dogs admitted into her care on any given day, Neno’s distressing mannerisms caught the eye of Paige as she exited work, where she scrambled to capture his solemn demeanor on camera.

Amassing a staggering 250,000 views on Facebook, hundreds of people enquired about taking care of Neno, but one dog lover was determined to give Neno his forever home.

Paige said: “The health of the animal was the reason given for his admission – I’m not sure if they understood or even knew about his health issues or just if they couldn’t afford the bills.


“I saw Neno that day sitting dead and center in his kennel – he was trembling, trying to be inconspicuous and not move.

“I could tell he was scared and wanted to become invisible, but there was just something about him.

“I try not to judge people for the reasons for surrendering their pets, my jobs is just to look after the ones who are left behind.

“Neno grabbed everyone’s attention so quickly.

“One lady fell in love with him immediately and quickly made arrangements to come a get Neno.”

Active in the animal rescue community, 51-year-old Laura Rodgers drove two hours to see Neno just a day after watching the video.

Arriving to find Neno still trembling in his cage, having also being diagnosed with heart worms and a neurological condition, Laura decided to make Neno a permanent addition to her family.

Spending just two days in the shelter, Neno is now enjoying life again in his new forever home.


Laura said: “When I saw Neno’s video it broke my heart.

“You could see how terrified he was and out of his element.

“I had seen so many people reach out to say they wanted to adopt him, but for some reason I couldn’t get him out of my head.

“I needed to see firsthand if he was still there, for my own piece of mind, because I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

“We love Neno just the way he is, and he loves us that way too.

“I started a Facebook page so people could keep up with his progress.

“The main goal however was to let people see that adopting a dog with special needs is very much doable and exceptionally enjoyable, too.”