Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

A lazy pug couldn’t bare to leave his bed, so insisted that his dog walker dragged him out of the house INSIDE it.

Alexandra Buechler was trying to get her client, a lazy pug, Franklin, to go out for a walk – but he refused to leave his bed.

However, despite Franklin’s stubbornness, Alexandra couldn’t help but melt from his puppy dog eyes.

This adorable footage was captured in Brooklyn, New York.

Alexandra, 24, said: “We’re working to slim him down, so he’s on an exercise regime to become a fit boy.

“No matter what I did, he wouldn’t get out of the bed.

“I thought if I pulled the leash he would get up but no, he just rode it like a sledge.

“I’ve known Franklin for almost a year now and he’s a very emotional boy – anytime it’s too cold or too hot outside he always protests against our walk.

“Once we’re moving he’s usually fine, but he’ll throw a hissy fit beforehand.”