Offbeat Video

By Jamie Smith

A man learned that there is streaky no riding this pig when he was thrown into a mud hole.

This huge pig, who is also part wild boar, doesn’t like anyone riding him and proves it by throwing his rider into a mud hole filled with his own waste.

Jason Kenzie Humber, 45, a Professional extreme Pet Photographer was filming his new project ‘My pet adventures’ in Strathmore, Alberta Canada, on May 20.

He said: “I wanted to turn the pig around to face the camera so I could talk about him.

“He wouldn’t cooperate so I started by joking about riding him.

Pic from Jason kenzie/Caters News

“When he didn’t move I decided to go big or go home and jumped on him.

“I knew he would kick me off but I never thought I would be thrown into his mud hole filled with his poop.”

As part of his project, Jason films footage of all sorts of animals, including the 500-pound Mangalitsa pig.

“The photo shoot was a success and getting a little muddy never killed anybody.

“Would I ever do it again? Yes, why not?”