By Jamie Smith

A photographer has captured the moment a group of adrenaline junkies decided to CAMP by the edge of an explosive lava lake.

Bella Falk, 39, was exploring the summit of the volcano when she noticed members of the public camping beside it.

Pic by Bella Falk/Caters News

These incredible photographs were taken at the summit of Nyiragongo, in Virunga National Park, Congo.

Bella said: “The ascent of the volcano and the views of the lava lake at the top were amazing, and I was utterly transfixed.

Pic by Bella Falk/Caters News

“But when I was away from the lens, I was gripped with a gut-wrenching fear.

“Even sitting perfectly securely on the solid rock at the edge of the carter, with no risk of falling, I suddenly became acutely aware that I was just inches away from certain death.

Pic by Bella Falk/Caters News

“Lean a little too far, slip and lose your balance, and that’d be it.

“But still, the shifting pool of red-hot rock below me was so mesmerising – I was at once drawn to it, and terrified too.”