Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

This little girl hasn’t quite nailed her mummy’s makeup look when she was caught applying mascara by her dad. 

Little Mavis was caught by her dad, Shaun Heckle, 42, on the stairs of their Essex home on March 7, with black makeup that resembled a monobrow across her face. 

Police officer, Shaun was spending time at home, when he left two-year Mavis to play, while he was attending her sister. 

He said: “At first I was confused as to what had happened and thought maybe she had drawn on herself with a marker pen.

“I then realised she had tried to copy Mum, using her expensive mascara.”

Trying to stop himself from laughing, he decided to record the moment and asks his daughter explain what happens. 

“I tried to be serious and found her responses to my questions comical. 

“Mum found it very funny but insisted I keep a closer eye on mischief maker Mavis in the future.

“Friends found the whole thing absolutely hilarious.

“Mavis has a funny character. She likes to entertain and make people laugh, which she certainly has done with this video.”