Life Video

By Katy Gill

This is the moment a stunned marine celebrated the gender reveal of his first child alongside his military colleagues – all whilst deployed 8000 MILES away from his pregnant wife back home.

Zach Zapata, a member of United States Armed Forces, ecstatically celebrated the gender reveal of his first child after being sent a surprise box from his wife.


So the deployed marine didn’t feel left out of the pregnancy, his wife, Jane Zapata, sent her husband of four years a surprise homemade gender reveal box in the form of a care package, which informed the solider he was due to have a son. 

The soon-to-be-father, who has endured a long struggle with his wife to conceive a child, can be seen sharing the build up of anticipation alongside his fellow military colleagues, before erupting into cheers and celebrations at the announcement of a boy.

Zach. whose big moment was filmed on a military base in Japan, in April. said: “After the years of struggle and despair, we have experienced trying to conceive a family, and with both Janet and I constantly being disappointed and saddened by seeing other friends around us having children, it had definitely took a toll on us.


“When Janet announced her pregnancy to me, I couldn’t believe it. She prepared a little surprise announcement for me then, too, and I remember immediately thinking the struggle was finally over – we had finally received the news we had been fighting for so long.

“Everyone in my company knew that my wife was pregnant and they were all very excited for me, even more so because they really wanted to know what the sex of the baby was going to be.

“The feeling of knowing I had so many of my people around me to share this announcement truly made it special.

“Everyone that was present during the reveal is someone whom I have had a relationship with in some manner over the years of serving in the marines, knowing that they are all here in the replacement of my friends and family back home is something that I truly hold dear to my heart. 

“These marines are some of the most feared men on the planet, but they have hearts of compassion and loyalty to each other.”