By Catherine Reid

A luxury motorhome company are now flogging high-end tents – but they don’t come cheap.

Pic by Geoff Cox/Caters News

The ‘glamping’ tents – glamorous camping – are like ‘hotel rooms’ with king sized beds, loft bedrooms and even a SPA BATH.

Pic by Geoff Cox/Caters News

The swanky tents also have walk-in wardrobes and a fully-fitted kitchen, but can set you back a whopping £50,000.

Adria, more commonly known for their caravans and mobile homes, are hoping to break the UK market with their ‘Boutique’ range, where prices start at £18,000 for a ‘canvas-style’ tent.

Pic by Geoff Cox/Caters News

The tents are delivered on a low loader to a mobile site or field, and happy campers can then put together the self-assembly tent.

Derbyshire based firm, Geoff Cox, are the only UK based company to distribute the tents, which weigh two tonnes.

Pic by Geoff Cox/Caters News

A spokesperson for Geoff Cox, based in Denby, said: “It’s for people who want all the glamour of a top hotel while being close to nature, and without having to compromise on creature comforts.

“The glamping tents are available in all shapes and sizes and they’re just beautiful.

Pic by Geoff Cox/Caters News

“Our smallest one is literally just like a canvas-style tent, then you have the mid-range ones with a bathroom like in a hotel.

“Our biggest one is super luxury, five star quality and some of them can go up to £50,000.”

Pic by Geoff Cox/Caters News

Uska Cox, from Adria, said: “Adria Boutique tents are one of a kind on the market.

“The innovative, intelligent design offers glamour, luxury, comfort and puts a whole new perspective into the camping scene.”