Amazing Video

By Ben Walley

A man has stormed the internet with his incredible ability to balance on objects combined with his love of weightlifting. 

Travis Horn is a 27-year-old massage therapist and former Marine sergeant, living in Las Vegas and surprisingly has no formal fitness training.

Pic by Travis Horn/Caters News

The dad posts up to ten videos a day, with his moves and weightlifting, and now has over 33,000 followers, but it came at a price with a number of injuries, including a broken leg and a knee replacement. 

Travis said: “Whatever I end up grabbing, I end up creating a masterpiece out of it.

“My goal is to help people with similar backgrounds.

“To revolutionise the fitness industry by teaching proper movements in all forms, from a simple sit-up to how you sleep at night.

“I believe I can do anything I put my mind to.

“I’ve been doing kettlebell squats and jumps for about six years now.

Pic by Travis Horn/Caters News

“I also believe that I am the creator of the original pistol squat on the kettlebell. They are the hardest in the game and I am the king.

“My body’s operating at 100 percent at all times.”

Travis was a sergeant in the Marines for four years and after getting out, he used exercise as a form of therapy and stress relief. 

He is now opening his own space called the Kinetic Chain Factory, with a gym and massage studio with plans to become a motivational speaker and sharing his story overseas. 

You would also think the diet of this modern Hercules would be strict, but Travis eats about a pound of candy a day.

Pic by Travis Horn/Caters News

He said: “I haven’t had a vegetable in four years.

“I practice intermittent fasting so eat between a four-hour window.

“In the Marine Corps, they taught you how to eat to survive, not survive to eat.”