Offbeat Video

By Ellie Duncombe

An amazing video gives us a captivating look of life on a mysterious reef.

Michael Rice, 34, a marketing director for the best reef aquarium store, captured the coral system in, Denver, Colorado, which is grown and propagated to sell. 


His project took over 50 hours to complete and is made up of over 10,000 frames.

Michael said: “One of the side effects of crunching a lot of time into a little is it taking a lot of time.


“These animals although they seem motionless, are actually moving, just in slower time scales.

“Most people are shocked to find that animals which appear so static in real time are moving so much.”


Michael has been developing the techniques that enable him to film the captivating sight of the reef for eight years. 

He said: “Most of the motion you’re seeing is due to the coral’s reaction to the lights being turned on. 


“As they sense light, they expand the flesh to capture as much as possible for photosynthesis.

“Most of them are also displaying a feeding response in which they form their flesh to best capture food.”