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A tourist has captured amazing footage of a wild rhino taking a casual stroll down the main street of Suaraha, Nepal.

The nonchalant rhino is assumed to have wandered into town from the nearby Chitwan National Park.

Anna Szymusik, 35, a resident of Leeds, UK, was on vacation in Nepal when the incident took place.

“Dogs were barking. People ran outside of nearby shops, restaurants, hotels and houses, some of them screaming to be careful. Others stood still to take photos and videos, some of them even followed the rhino,” Anna said.

She describes the experience as euphoric.

“There was a rhino walking right at me. I stood dumbfounded because I could not believe what I was seeing. This kind of stuff you only see in films,” she said.

A girl even had to shout that ‘I’d better climb up a few stairs of one of the nearby restaurants.’

Anna, completely mesmerised by the moment, only managed to mumble ‘wow’ as her reaction.

A local tour guide said the rhino must have crossed an adjacent river, which separates the town and the nearby wildlife park.

Anna went on to see a wide array of wildlife on her trip including elephants, crocodiles and monkeys, but nothing quite as special as the regal rhino.