By Aliki Kraterou

The world’s tiniest Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sculpture has been created inside the head of a needle.

It took three weeks for micro artist, Willard Wigan, from Birmingham, to create his latest masterpiece ahead of the royal wedding this weekend.

Willard Wigan / Caters News

The sculptures are so minuscule that they are only slightly bigger than a full stop in a newspaper and once completed are placed within the head of a golden 24 carat needle.

Willard’s work is so detailed that he either uses his own eyelashes to paint his sculptures or a stand of dog hair.

The artist hopes his special gift to the royal couple will sell for £100,000 upwards – with the money being donated to charities.

Willard, who is also a Guinness World Record holder for his micro art work, said: “I wanted to do something, not only for the Royal couple but for the people of Birmingham as well.

Willard Wigan / Caters News

“I only looked at a photograph of the couple once before creating the whole thing from memory.

“Surprisingly I don’t actually enjoy creating the micro art but it gives me great pleasure once it’s finished.

“Due to the sculptures being so small I faced a few difficulties in creating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“I accidently scraped off Prince’s Harry’s lips after going overboard with Ms Meghan Markle’s lipstick.

Willard Wigan / Caters News

“Detailing my micro figurines It’s like trying to put a pin into a bubble without bursting it.

“To achieve such amazing result I have to hold my breath and work between his heart palpitations.”