By Lauren Fruen

A NEW ‘mum’ has held a gender reveal photoshoot with a twist – by using it to welcome a new puppy to her family.

Joy Stone, 25, parodied the trend of announcing the sex of babies with the lighthearted images bringing home little Rey.

She enlisted the help of friend Carlye Allen, 24, to take the pictures as she opened a box to reveal the seven-week-old puppy.

Carlye Allen / Caters News

The female golden retriever mix was found abandoned near a railroad track in Texas.

But after Caryle spotted a post looking to rehome him on Facebook and told Joy she decided to surprised her husband Brady, 27, with the new addition.

The couple – who have no children – already have a lab mix they rescued from a shelter named Kairi and a cat named Gus.

Caryle said: “Brady and Joy had been searching for a new furry family member for months but hadn’t found their perfect match.

“One of my friends posted a picture of five little puppies next to a railroad track.

“I forwarded the puppy picture to my friend Joy, and it was love at first sight.

Carlye Allen / Caters News

“She knew in her gut that the puppy pictured was the perfect addition to her little family.

“She decided to keep it a surprise from her husband, and we spent about a week in constant communication with my friend to pull the surprise off.

“I drove two hours to pick the puppy up, and Joy drove another two to meet me.

“When she arrived, she was speechless.

“The day prior to Joy’s arrival, I was in charge of decorating for a wedding shower. I happened to have a tank of helium and extra balloons in the back of my car.

“I somewhat jokingly threw out the idea of setting up a puppy reveal photoshoot, and Joy went along with it. Next thing I know, we’re in my front yard trying to convince a little puppy to stay in a metal tub.

Carlye Allen / Caters News

“Shortly after the puppy photoshoot, Joy drove home to greet her husband. When he heard her drive up, he opened her car door to greet her and instead was greeted by a 4-pound ball of fluff in a puppy booster seat. He was ecstatic.

“Joy then decided to show off the new member of her family through the reveal photos on Facebook.”