Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

An Indian man’s wish to post his stunt with a snake on Youtube went awry when the reptile bit him on his lips and landed him in a hospital.

Kailash Sodha and his friends from Markana in Rajasthan came across the news of a snake hiding in a scooter on Wednesday.

To show his friends his bravery, the young man in his early 20s went straight and grabbed it head with bare hands.

He then asked his friends to make a video of him playing with the reptile so that he could uploaded his ‘daredevil’ act on Youtube.


But as Sodha wrapped the snake around his neck the snake bit him on his lips.

Luckily he survived as the snake was non-venomous.

He was admitted to a state-run hospital in Ajmer where he is said to be stable.

“There was a snake and people around me said catch it. I caught it by its head and put it around my neck, but when I was taking it away to release it, the snake bit my lips,” Kailash from the hospital bed.

A video that soon surfaced on social media shows Sodha, wearing a faded pair of jeans and torn t-shirt, a handkerchief tied around his head like a bandana, is seen walking with the snake around his neck.

He pinches the reptile’s mouth between his index finger and thumb. A group of friends follow him cheering him up loudly for his not how of fear.

Suddenly, as Sodha brings its head closer to his mouth, the snake bites him.

A visibly shocked Sodha tell his friends what just happened but doesn’t lose his cool. he calmly places the snake near a rock.