Life Video

By Ben Walley 

A huge abscess has erupted like a volcano on a woman’s face in a graphic video clip. 

Nicole Marbury 38, developed an abscess on her face that was so large that she needed it draining by trained specialists. 

She decided to film the moment her abscess was removed on March 20 to show others the procedure. 

The clip shows Nicole in extricating pain as the abscess is sliced open with scissors and yellow puss runs down her chin like lava from a volcano. 

Nicole, from Newport News, Virginia, said: “I only have the abscess for five days before it was removed. 

“I don’t know what caused it but it got so large that I knew I needed it draining properly. 

“The procedure was extremely painful, there are no words to describe. 

“During the process I felt everything the numbing didn’t work. 

“The abscess has no gone but I can still feel a little bump under the skin.”