Life Video

By Lauren Fruen 

A MUM-of-one has spent thousands on pricey jewellery and designer outfits for a doll that looks like a baby werewolf.

Yvette Soloman has even taken the WerePup on holidays around the world with her hubby Arin.

The pair have taken the doll – named Elias Soloman – on trips to Disneyland and London, even taking him on a cruise and are thought to have spent $10,000 on the toys. 


And it’s not just holidays that Elias and the other WerePups gets treated to.

Yvette, 53, who lives in Long Beach, California, has forked out on Tiffany jewellery, a vintage pram to push him around in and designer clothing for the toy.

WerePups are designed and handmade by artist Asia Eriksen.

She crafts the dolls – which can cost $900 each – from silicon with each doll custom made with either scars or special hairstyles.

Each baby is hand painted, detailed, and the fur hand rooted over a period of weeks by the artist herself.

Housewife Yvette, who has a 25-year-old son, said: “I have seven WerePups now. But my first was my baby Elias.


“I was at a horror convention with my friends back in 2013 and we saw the WerePups stall.

“At the time I was undergoing chemotherapy as I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“My hair was failing out, I had just had my first round of chemo and I saw him.

“I said to my friends that I would love to have one and that he was so sweet.

“They got me him as a surprise. I started crying and hugging him.

“I just love him. He came with me to all of my appointments and my chemotherapy.

“I made him a Facebook page. He travels the world with us. He has been to London twice and on a cruise and to Disneyland with us.


“I get a real mix of reactions. Some people love him. Some people are completely creeped out by him.

“I actually got him his own pup last month. 

“I started buying him his own outfits. We went to London in January 2014 and we visited Harrods.

“I got him a little kilt outfit plus a Beefeater suit. It was so adorable. It all fitted him perfectly.

“From there I got him a silver round Tiffany hairbrush and a Tiffany necklace with dog tags. I have spent thousands on him.

“I then got him a 1950s pram from a vintage store. 

“I started to collect more of the WerePups. Each of them has their own personality.


“I have a bedroom dedicated to them which has a walk in wardrobe for them.

“I paid $800 for Ezra and $900 for the one I gave to my friend Jamie, he’s the one who gifted Elias to me.

“The others were about $600 each. The WerePups are the start of my collection, I love Horror movies and everything associated with it.

“Anyone can have a baby doll, you can walk into any store and buy a generic doll, WerePups are special and made by hand by one woman who puts a bit of her heart and soul into each one.

“I have always been into horror movies and collecting from them.

“My husband is really supportive. He is fantastic with them and me.


“In Disneyland we could see people staring at us. I’ve had people think he is a real baby. One woman said she would pray for me when she saw Elias.

“But there is a real tight community of people who collect the dolls. We are WerePup parents.”

How has Yvette spent the money? 

Tiffany dog tag necklace: $400

Tiffany hair brush: $400

Vintage pram: $100

Kitting out a bedroom complete with walk in closet: $4,000

Collection of WerePups: $4,000

Designer clothes: Each outfit costs around $25