By Jamie Smith

These bottle nose dolphins took advantage of a rare spell of Scottish sunshine – and were caught on camera frolicking in the sun’s rays.

Pic by John Russell/Caters News

Amateur photographer John Russell managed to capture these two playful youngsters splashing around in the surf, and feeding on salmon as they played in the Moray Firth earlier this week.

John, 43, said: “I am a regular visitor to this location to try and catch a glimpse and photograph the Bottlenose Dolphins, and always feel very lucky if I see the dolphins at all.

Pic by John Russell/Caters News 

“On this occasion, I saw the dolphins feeding on wild salmon and breaching out of the water, playing with each other.

“Dolphins really enjoy social interaction and it’s lovely to see them playing together.

Pic by John Russell/Caters News

“The dolphins come in close to shore on the incoming tide to catch the fish as they are forced around the point on the strong current.”