Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

A stunned family were woken up by a seven-feet-long alligator sitting on their porch.

When Louise Monteith heard knocking on her front door at 4.45am on May 14, she thought it was her dogs and cats knocking something over.

Pic from Caters News

She ignored it and went back to sleep, but husband Charles went downstairs to investigate and spotted the gator through the blinds.Having noticed the beast was missing one leg, he sprinted upstairs and burst into the pair’s bedroom to wake up his shaken wife.

After collecting themselves, they quickly rang Gator Getters in North Charleston, South Carolina, USA, and after wrestling with him for a while managed to relocate the rampant reptile.

Louise said: “Charles busted in our room saying every four-letter word he knew and some new ones.

“He just kept saying ‘we have to call somebody’. 

“I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but by his demeanour, I knew it was bad. 

Pic from Caters News

“I thought maybe someone had stolen all our cars.

“He was finally able to get out ‘there’s an alligator on our front porch’.

“Like hell did we go on the porch.”

Having contacted police, the couple waited for them to arrive and chatted with them through their front windows, so they didn’t have to step outside.

Louise said: “The gator was not happy to be disturbed.

“Even missing one leg, he gave the Gator Getter a time. 

“That hiss that he makes at the beginning of my video is super creepy.

“I could see that it wasn’t a fresh injury, so he’d probably learned to move around well with just 3 legs. 

“The wrangler knew his business, it was like another day at the office for him. 

Pic from Caters News

“He put that noose on, let the animal tire himself out, then taped up his mouth and over his eyes. 

“The whole time the alligator was still trying to bite him, it was all impressive.”

Surprisingly, the gator only left a minor trail of destruction in its wake with a few balusters being smashed on Louise’s porch.

She said: “We’re just thankful he made enough noise banging around on the porch to wake Charles up. 

“If that hadn’t happened, our 14-year old daughter would have been the first one out of the house yesterday morning and that could have had a very bad ending.

“That thing was scary. 

“Alligators are a part of life and we must assume that if there’s a body of fresh or brackish water in the area, there is a gator in it. 

“But, we’ve never had an encounter like this. 

“It would have only taken a veer to the right at the end of the porch for him to have been out and on his way.”