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By Josh Saunders

An obese mum has defied two weight gain condition to lose over three stone in two months after being told she was too big to buy clothes.

Emma Taylor, 39, from Gold Coast, Sydney, used to feel embarrassed around slim people, would hide in photos and despite living in one of the hottest parts of Australia avoided swimwear. 

At her heaviest she was 12st 3 (78kg/171lb) when she felt she looked ‘frumpy’ and ‘terrible’, compared to her older ‘sexy friends’.

PICS BY EMMA TAYLOR / CATERS NEWS: Emma when she was at her heaviest weight of 12st 3 making her obese by BMI

She was battling both polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and Hashimoto’s syndrome that affects the thyroid, both of which can cause weight gain and make it difficult to lose.

Being constantly out of breath and suffering severe embarrassment when a shop assistant told her that nothing would fit her, led her to realise she needed to take action.

She started the 123Diet, which claims to block sweet tastes and reduce appetite, alongside switching to a balanced calorie-controlled diet.

The mum dropped a whopping three stone in two months, leaving her a svelte nine stone (57kg/125lb) and finally able to wear a bikini.

Emma, who now works in weight loss support for 123Diet, said: “I went out with a group of girlfriends one night and felt so different, they looked hot and slim, wore nice clothes, I was younger than them all, but looked frumpy and felt terrible. 

“I left early and went home. I just felt terrible all the time. I hated photos and always hid behind things for them. 

PICS BY EMMA TAYLOR / CATERS NEWS: Emm lost three stone in two months and after feeling ashamedof not being hot she dons bikinis for the first time in a long time

“Once when I went shopping with a friend, the lady in the shop told me that she had nothing to fit me, while my friend tried and bought many things, that was embarrassing.

“I live near the beach and would not go as I hated being in swimmers, I would wear pants even though I live in one of the hottest places in Australia.

“Losing the weight was like a breath of fresh air. I had energy I had not had for year. I had the sceptics telling me I had lost it too quick. 

“I love the sceptics now, I feel it is healthier to carry around less weight than it is to carry around excess weight. 

“Those that tell me it is not safe to lose weight like that, have been fed that by diets that can’t do that. I am no longer on any medication for those illness’s that I had. 

“I do not have Hashimotos any more, something Doctors told me would never go away. 

“I can work an easy 16-hour day if need be. Seven days a week I am full on with energy. I have never been so healthy. 

“That period of time to lose weight felt forever and now I look back and feel how quick and worth it is was.

PICS BY EMMA TAYLOR / CATERS NEWS: Since losing 3 stone in two months, she has gone onto share her story, buy a bikini and flaunt her impressive figure

“If it had taken years to lose the weight after a few months I would have given up, so this has been life changing.”

After being told about both of her two medical conditions, Hashimotos an underactive thyroid and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at 21 she piled on the pounds. 

At her heaviest, Emma had a body mass index of 30.3, classifying her in the obese category for her height and weight, when she was wearing a dress size 18.

Being larger left her uncomfortable and self-conscious about the clothing she wore, even driving a slight wedge between her and friends.

Emma said: “I was a little emotional over this, it was embarrassing. I felt a bit jealous of my slim friend. 

“But all things such as this were good for me, because it made me fight and want to be healthier and slimmer.

“I was jealous of how nice they looked in clothes. How healthy they looked, the energy they had. I just felt awkward around them. 

“They ate and drank heaps where I was not a big eater and drank a lot less.”

PICS BY EMMA TAYLOR / CATERS NEWS: She credits 123diet as being the key to her success

Emma tried countless attempts to lose weight discovering finding the 123Diet in 2012, which she believes was a success due to its quick success rate.

She added: “I had tried so many diets without success. Having a program to follow and see fast results kept me motivated. 

“If I have to wait a month to lose a kilogram I lose interest but seeing the grams drop every day got me excited and motivated to keep going.”

Using her shopping shame to motivate her and the need to drastically overhaul her lifestyle, she managed to lose weight.

She believes her life has completely changed since then – everything from her confidence to energy levels left vastly improved.

Emma said: “I am confident. I can walk into a shop and grab clothes without even trying them on, to the point I even online shop. 

“I was at my daughters school a couple months back when I heard a child say to my daughter wow your Mum is young and dresses so well – that was so cool to hear and my kids love to hear it too. 

“I am very social so being tiny and slim would not work for me, but comfortable and having the a few wines with a bit of cheese and not being unsocial is great to. 

“I wear clothes size 8 to 10, can wear a bikini with confidence and I have amazing energy.

“Since losing weight, Monday to Friday, I eat really clean, I save my treats for the weekend. So I can have a dinner our or a few drinks on a weekend.  

“Best thing though, I love supporting those that need to lose weight. 

“Unless you have been there you will never understand. I never get bored of listening to weight loss success.”

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Breakfast – Cereal

Snacks – biscuit

Lunch – sandwich with ham, cheese, tomato and mayo 

Snacks – Small pack of crisps 

Dinner – Meat, veg, potato, corn, pumpkin.

Dessert – Ice cream or chocolate (not all the time)

Any additional – Wine


Breakfast – Fruit or Eggs

Snacks – Mini toast with chopped tomato, onion and seasoning 

Lunch – Green salad and prawns, fish or lentils with lemon, lime or apple cider vinegar 

Snacks – Home made celery soup or celery with seasoning 

Dinner – Meat or chicken and green or white veg (no starchy veg) or Curries with Konjac Rice 

Dessert – A cup of fruit tea