Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell 

It’s a perfect strike for this three-year-old bowler. 

Little Magnus Hill was extremely excited when he knocked over all 10 pins in one go. 

Magnus, who has been bowling since he was 18 months old, wildly celebrated with his family and repeatedly shouted ‘I got a strike’ after his amazing shot. 

It was made all the more impressive as he has to use two hands to carry the heavy ball to the lane before letting it go. 

Magnus’ mum Ashley was able to film the moment his son scored his first ever strike without bumpers at Jack and Jill Bowling Lanes in American Fork, Utah, USA. 

Ashley, 41, said: “Magnus has been bowling since he was about one-and-a-half years old. We own every bowling toy and game possible. 

“We take his toy pins and ball everywhere we go and he could spend hours practicing bowling and watching bowling videos on YouTube. 

“He could say spare and strike and knew what they were at the age of two. He loves it more than anything. 

“Magnus was completely stoked when he got the strike. He has bowled strikes but never in front of us nor had we caught it on video. He usually likes to use the bumpers so this was a first without them.

“My favourite part is us all cheering, then his sisters running over and giving him a hug.  He cheers and jumps and yells that he got a strike.” 

Magnus is now five years old and bowls in a league, as well as enjoying snowboarding and skateboarding.