Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

A great white shark has been caught breaching in a slow motion video clip. 

William Drumm, 32, from Denver, Colorado, managed to capture the moment the shark lunges out of the water while visiting Guadalupe Island, Mexico, last summer. 

The clip shows the shark hurling itself out of the water and into the air before splashing back into the ocean. 


William, a photographer and filmmaker, has even slowed the footage down and reversed the video for added effect. 

He had just witnessed the 15 foot shark involved within an ambushed attack and couldn’t believe his luck when it breached out of the water. 

He added: “They were way bigger than I expected, and typically very calm and steady in the water. 

“Their ability to ambush is astounding for such a big animal, and often times I would be completely blindsided by a 15 foot shark seemingly appearing out of nowhere. 


“Safe to say that after being in the water with them, I am hooked. 

“Already plotting my next adventure with these ancient behemoths. 

“This is a slow motion shot of the great white lunging out of the water after an ambush attack.”