Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell 

This little stunt went WHEELIE badly. 

A motorbike rider was out on a completely open stretch of road near Borrego Springs in California, USA, when he decided to perform a wheelie. 

All seemed to be going well until he turned the throttle a little too hard. 

Pic by Oscar Fernandez/Caters News

The bike pitches upwards until it is pointing skywards and then leans over to the left and crashes into the tarmac. 

The rider is left sprawled and sliding along the road after the motorcycle. 

Fortunately he was not seriously injured, escaping with road rash and a sprained wrist, and the bike was still rideable after the incident. 

The incident was captured on camera by another rider, 22-year-old Oscar Fernandez. 

Pic by Oscar Fernandez/Caters News

Oscar said: “We were out riding at the weekend near Borrego Springs. 

“I have seen incidents like this before. 

“The rider got a sprained wrist and a lot of road rash, but nothing more than that. 

“The bike was ridable, it was just bent and scratched. 

“I thought it looked pretty terrible.”