Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen 

This is Deliveroo for wallabies. 

A super shy joey was hiding in a bush and did not want to come out for some food, despite being hungry. 

So instead a helpful sanctuary worker brought the bottle of milk straight to the 10-month-old wallaby Jojo. 

Happily hidden amongst the leaves she then guzzled the meal right down. 

Laurae Harvey, of the Wild 2 Free kangaroo sanctuary in Batemans Bay, New South Wales in Australia, helps to care for young wallabies who need a home. 

Laurae said: “Jojo is 10 months old and way brought to the sanctuary as a rescue. 

“She was hiding in the bushes as it’s her instinct. They hide in bushes and scrub in the wild. 

“I thought it was funny. She normally comes out of the bush to get her bottle, but I think she liked the home delivery service.”