Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran 

This cute Jack Russell is desperate to get a handle on his ball game. 

Owner Maria Hudson tried to hide her five-year-old dog Blu’s ball out of reach on their kitchen door. 

But the obsessed dog would not give up on the game and managed to jump up and reach it. 

Having latched on to the squidgy pink ball, Blu refused to let go and bounced up and down on the handle. 

The funny sight left student nurse Maria in stitches and, after she posted it to Facebook, received thousands of likes and comments. 

Maria, 27, said: “Blue wants the ball throwing all day every day, even in the middle of the night. 

“He sleeps with balls in his mouth, sometimes up to two at a time. 

“When we get fed up of throwing it we hide it in different places for him to find. 

“I decided to put the ball on the door handle, but he jumped up to get it off and hung on for dear life as he tried to bounce it off. 

“It was so funny to watch that we kept doing it again and again. 

“He’s proved really popular after I posted it online, and it makes me feel amazing that Blu has brought giggles and smiles to other people. 

“He was born deaf and he is such a character. He is so obsessed with the ball he is not even bother about food when it is around.” 

Blu’s antics can be followed at Maria’s Instagram account @Miaow_moo.