Offbeat Video

By Kristiana Hall

A brave model has posed breathless, underwater and surrounded by sharks in a series of stunning photographs.

Kimber Kiefer, 40, took to the water to complete a stunning photoshoot, where she is surrounded by a sea of sharks.

Ken Kiefer / Caters New

And if being surrounded by sharks wasn’t scary enough, Kimber even completed the photoshoot breathless, with no breathing assistance whilst the photos were being taken.

These stunning photographs were taken by Kimber’s husband, Ken, 49, when they were exploring Stuart Cove, Bahamas.

Ken Kiefer / Caters New

Ken, from Houston, Texas, said: “My wife has done a lot of modelling for me in swimming pools, cenotes and shallow reefs, but hadn’t tried deeper water or sharks.

“We frequently scuba dive with sharks, but she had not had the chance to breath hold and model with them.   

Ken Kiefer / Caters New

“We had two safety divers to provide air and a shark handler to insure safety for all involved.   

“It was an incredible experience, and I’m super impressed with my wife’s ability to relax and be perfectly calm during the entire adventure.

Ken Kiefer / Caters New

“And these videos and images are great evidence and reminders that sharks are not mindless killers.”