By Kristiana Hall

An octopus with a see-through head has been captured on camera by a curious photographer.

Wu Yung-sen, 42, was exploring in the sea of Anilo, Philippines, when he stumbled across the unusual-looking mollusc.

Wu Yung-sen / Caters News

In his amazing images, the rare larval – or baby – octopus appears to have a see-through head, allowing observers to see its entire, neon-red brain.

Wu said: “This is an octopus larval, or a wunderpus larv, and I discovered it during a night dive.

“I knew it was very rare, so I had to take the photograph very quickly.”

Wu Yung-sen / Caters News

Company consultant Wu, who has been an underwater photographer for four years and is originally from Taiwan, loves to photograph marine animals.

He added: “I was inspired to start taking underwater photographs because it is difficult to describe the beauty of the ocean with words, so I chose pictures.”