Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

This adorable pooch is winning the hearts of locals because of his expertise in delivering milk cans loaded on a specially designed cart. 

Mani, an eight-year-old Indian mutt, has been dutifully delivering 25 litres of milk cans carrying on his back, twice a day, to a milk society for last six years. 


The brown mongrel was trained by Thangavelu, a dairy-trader from Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu in southern India, two years after he rescued the dog from a street a week after its birth. 

Every morning and evening, Thangavelu, who has five cows and four buffaloes, packs milk in three large cans and loads them onto the cart that he built at home. 

He then attaches it to Mani’s back and then commands the pet to go and make the deliveries at the right place. 


Thangavelu said: “He is a darling. He is the most friendly, intelligent and obedient dog I have seen. He listens to me and understands my commands. He is very playful with children.”

Thangavelu says the idea struck him after seeing Mani following him when he would leave for making the deliveries himself. 

“Before Mani took this job, I used to walk to the milk society to deliver the cans. Mani would follow me all the way from home to the centre. 


“He knew the exact route, exact location and time. I thought why not use him to make the deliveries.”

Thangavelu then designed the cart and built it for £200 using light-weight pipes and bicycle tyres. He trained Mani to walk with it for few days and once he got the confidence in the dog, he handed over the task on to it. 

He said: “Earlier my daughter used to go with him but after we got confidence in Mani, we let him do the job alone.”


Mani’s loyalty and obedience has earned the adorable dog several fans in the village who take immense joy in watching it walking gingerly with the cans and even offer it biscuits and milk for all the hard work it puts in.