Animals Video

By Katy Gill

A group of adorable kittens were left intrigued and disorientated by their new turtle sibling, poking and prodding him to investigate further.

Ann Baret, from Sofia, Bulgaria, captured the engaging moment her four Scottish fold, short-haired kittens met their turtle sibling, which left the felines confused and intrigued by its hard shell, slow pace, and ability to retreat back into its shell.

Samson, a two-year-old male pond slider, can be seen scrambling across the kitchen floor, trying to get away from the gentle pats of his younger sisters as they playfully bounce around, tapping him with their fluffy paws, smelling him, and trying to push him along the laminate flooring.

The weeks-old kittens – Sabrina, Flora, Nochka and Garson – all gang up on the tolerant turtle, taking it in turns to investigate him.

Occasionally, Samson lets out a hiss of annoyance before retracting his head back into his shell and waiting for the curious prods to subside. 

Ann, who shot the video on April 20, said: “Samson loves freedom so we let him out and allow him to roam around our apartment.

“They kittens are not yet used to him taking a stroll.

“We recently started breeding kittens, so introducing them to him was funny – they were very curious of him and just wanted to play.

“He seemed new and unusual to them, so they were very intrigued.

“Samson does not like being disturbed, so he would retreat into his shell occasionally.”

The encounter lasted for around five-minutes before the kittens settled down and accepting their new brother for what he is.