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By Bilal Kuchay

This is the heartwarming moment, volunteers cut a hard plastic band to save a snake’s life after it got stuck in it.

The five-feet-long Indian rat snake with a plastic object stuck around its body entered into the house of Rajkishore Samantray in Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar in the eastern Indian state of Odisha on Wednesday.

The panic-stricken family immediately called Snake Helpline, an organisation that assists in snake rescues in the state, for help.

Subhendu Mallik/ CATERS NEWS

Rajkishore said: “We have been seeing this snake with the plastic object stuck around its body for past three days. Yesterday, when the snake ventured into our house, we panicked and informed Snake Helpline for help.”

Volunteer Purnachandra Das from the helpline rushed to Samantray’s house and rescued the snake. He took the non-venomous reptile to his office where he along with Subhendu Mallik, General Secretary of the organisation, tried to remove the band but they failed.

He said: “The plastic band had made it difficult for the snake to move smoothly.

“I tried to gently remove the plastic band around its body but I failed.”

Subhendu Mallik/ CATERS NEWS

The snake was later presented to the College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry in Bhubaneswar, where vets not only removed the plastic object but also conducted an X-ray of the snake to ascertain if any injury was caused by the band.

Visuals show the vets holding the snake in their hands and cutting the plastic band with scissor. 

Dr Biswadip Jena said: “Though there was no cut injury the snake was showing visible pain and discomfort. 

“The X-ray revealed constriction outside its hepatic region and adjoining ribs following which the reptile was restrained with the help of a transparent plastic restraining tube.”

The snake was later released in its natural habitat.