Animals Video

By Mikey Jones

A tourist was left thinking ‘bow’s about that?’ after a sacred deer repeatedly bowed to him in a Japanese park. 

Traveller Daniel Speight, 26, was visiting Nara Deer Park, south of Kyoto, last month when he captured the bizarre animal encounter. 

The IT technician, from Loughborough, UK, couldn’t believe his eyes when the tame mammal dipped its head to him over and over again in return for food. 

Daniel said the deer have learned to bow to humans after years of Japanese people, who believe them to be sacred, doing the same to them. 

Daniel said: “Hundreds of Deer at Nara park roam free around a huge area, which includes several temples and shrines – you can buy crackers at street vendors to feed them. 

“The Japanese used to consider them sacred so bow to them before feeding them; something the deer learned to do themselves.

“We saw some other tourists feeding the bowing deer so we thought we’d give it a go, it amused us for hours. 

“The deer were really friendly until you tried to walk away without feeding them, as then they’d pull you back to get some food.”