Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

This bowler’s incredible trick shot knocked down all ten pins after rolling two separate balls simultaneously.

At first, talented Jamison Knopp grabbed one purple ball and spun it down the lane at a snail’s pace at Phillip’s Lanes in Campbellsville, Kentucky, USA, on May 5.


Swiftly picking up a second bowling ball, the 20-year-old student launches that one down the wood, knocking nine of the white skittles down.

Ordinarily leaving one pin standing would drive Jamison spare, however, the initial ball continues to hug the gutter before finally knocking the final pin down.

Ecstatic that his trick has finally succeeded after multiple attempts, the Campbellsville University student tears off his shirt and runs around the alley celebrating.


Jamison, who has been bowling since the age of five, said: “After trying so many times and finally succeeding, I was so hyped that I just had to take my shirt off and run around screaming.

“I’ve seen many pros try and fail to nail the shot, so after a couple unsuccessful attempts I was so excited to knock the final pin down.

“It’s really difficult to complete as it takes perfect timing, speed, ball placement and just a little bit of luck to pull it off.

“I bowl at college level for my university so try to practice between three and four days per week.”