By Hayley Pugh

Talk about a killer shot! These whale watchers struck gold when a family of six killer whales surrounded their boat.

The tourists might have been happy with just one whale sighting during their excursion but instead were treated to a rare spectacle, as six huge killer whales swam alongside them in Monterey Bay, California.

Pic by Jodi Frediani/Caters News 

Stunned passengers snapped away as they watched the whales in awe and photographer, Jodi Frediani, who was out with Monterey Bay Whale Watch, caught the whole thing on camera.

She said: “They were boat friendly and made a close pass between our boat and another whale watch vessel. It was so exciting.

Pic by Jodi Frediani/Caters News 

“There’s nothing quite like watching killer whales in the wild, free and in close association with their other family members.”