By Katy Gill

Watch the hilarious moment a pup tries and fails to play ball whilst wearing a cone on her head.

Masi, aged two, was fitted with a cone after injuring her paw but, despite this, attempted to play ball as usual.

Owner, Laura Kuschmierz, 25, watched on as Masi, who is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull ran around in circles after not realising that the ball had in fact rolled away.

PIC FROM Caters News

Laura, from Edmonton, Canada, said: “Watching her with the ball was very entertaining.

“She’s quite protective and when she hears strange noises she gets very alert, which is why she ends up barking at a noise outside and doesn’t realise the ball has rolled away.

“Masi is usually very active, we love to go hiking, canoeing, climbing, traveling, biking and running, she does it all.

“But since she has been wearing the cone she keeps bumping into furniture and she finds it difficult when trying to jump up on the sofa.”