Animals Video

By David Aspinall

The daily lives of clumsy penguins were caught on GoPro with them sliding on their bellies and even stomping the contract into the ground.

In hilarious footage captured over three days in December 2017 on Cuverville and Booth Islands, Antarctica, groups of Gentoo penguins go about their normal routines.

Cut down from almost eight hours of footage, photographer Juan van den Heever managed to choose some of their most hilarious antics.

Among some of the flightless birds slipping around on their stomachs, most of the colony just ignore the camera equipment, knocking it over and trampling it into the ground.

Juan, from Pretoria, South Africa, said: “I was amazed at what was filmed. 

“I couldn’t stop looking through the footage. 

“It is absolutely hilarious to see these penguins’ reaction to cameras they hadn’t seen before.

“Penguins aren’t the most obliging creatures, so you have to position the camera in the pathway long before they come to it. 

“Sometimes they then branch off and take another pathway, causing you to lose a few minutes. 

“Sometimes no penguins come up or down at all, so you just have to wait.”