Life Video

By Josh Saunders 

A model who spent three years transition to female has quit the hormones and hopes to reduce breasts after choosing to live as a man.

 Alexander Veach, 30, from Los Angeles, California, USA, decided to return to his birth-assigned gender, having lived as a woman and also tried to be both a male and female.

 Dubbed the ‘bigender doll’, he spent a whopping $10,000 (7.3kGBP) on his transformation, carefully balancing oestrogen and testosterone along with laser hair removal all over his body.


But last year, while acting as a transgender female-to-male character in a play at the Underground Theater in Hollywood, he realised he could no longer keep living as a woman named Aria and started to revert. 

Now he’s happier than ever but battles the difficulties of having enlarged round breasts and is currently trying to rid himself of gynecomastia through working-out. 

 Alexander, a bioengineer, said: “I’m stable living as Alexander now, I was Aria for three years. Aria and Alex have two hugely different lives.

“I’m not someone living in a box, I don’t let gender norms tell me what to do or stop me from having a place in society.


“People think I’m fake and not genuine but I really believed head-to-toe that I was a woman in a man’s body.

“Since reverting back, people have commented on my bigger breasts but I’ve been doing an insane number of in order to hide my breasts I started a physical training workout of push-ups and cardio to try to transform my body again.

“I’m working on my pecks, I’m not interested in surgery but will try to do it the hard way and build my body, that’s my personal strategy. 


“It bothers me a little, though I’ve grown to be comfortable with my body but I’m not sure if I would on a beach, I have very round breasts.

“When I find the right woman she won’t care, I still have feminine traits like full body laser, but testosterone means my hair is all coming back.

 “It’s crazy that it’s not permanent and is reversible, which shows how robust the human body is.

“I’m focussed on reversing it and getting stronger, I’m patient though, it took me three years to transition to a woman so to expect all these changes in four months is expecting a lot.”

Alexander realised he wanted to transition to become a woman in 2014 after experimenting with sexual roleplay.


 But eventually he became hooked, choosing to go to work as a man and living as a woman by night after applying nail polish and donning female clothing.    

He started living androgynously, under the name Alex, before living full-time as a woman called Aria after recognising he was dressing as a woman every night.

Until last year, when the bioengineer started to combine male and female hormone replacement therapy so that he could live as both genders. 


Since choosing to live as Alexander again, he has taken two testosterone shots in the last year but has been warned by his endocrinologist he cannot take any more. 

Alexander said: “There was a time in my life when I was exercising my femininity but now I have stepped back from that I know I have a Y chromosome that’s not going anywhere.

“I wanted life to be simple again, I wanted to have more stability and stop comparing myself to all these icons in the media and live genuinely. 

“In one year you can manifest completely different physical and mental changes, I believe that hormone replacement therapy changed my mind too.

“My endocrinologist won’t let me take testosterone, my levels are very high and so it would be dangerous. 

“It’s like I’m going through another puberty and can see a beautiful person beginning to emerge.

“I’m not uncomfortable I’m amazed at the image I wake up to and I know that it’s my art as well as a sign of being human.”

 Since deciding to return to living as a man he says some people have spoken out about his changes and even accused him of being ‘fake’.


 Other have told him they ‘miss Aria’ as that is the only side to him they ever knew.  

Despite this, he is proud of his decision, maintaining that he is done with womanhood and relieved that his family have been very supportive. 

Alexander commented on female life, he said: “There are many higher expenses women have to endure, I just quit womanhood, it’s expensive, competitive and I don’t have any more time for it.

“People can be cruel, everyone needs to be brave enough to embrace the full range of life’s possibilities.

“If we can support one another who knows what could be possible.” 

Alexander says that music has been a massive comfort during his journey, allowing him a way to outflow his feelings and what he has learned.


He claims his soon to be released Hip-Hop album will feature Wiz Khalifa and will also have Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross and Gucci Mane on the same song too.

Alexander said: “Being transgender is a lot of stress, the way I handled the emotional stress was through my music. 

“It’s a lonely and isolated life, but music helped me to convey some of my frustrations, writing the lyrics helped me to be clear with what I wanted with life.”