By James Speakman

A photographer captured the dramatic moment a play fight between some sibling lion cubs got rough.

The cubs were snapped asserting their power over each other in the Kruger National Park, South Africa by wildlife enthusiast Trevor Barnett.


The pictures show the sub-adults, aged between two and three years old, pouncing on and biting each other.

Another image shows a cub roaring and clawing at his sibling’s face.

Trevor, 56, from Bedfordview, South Africa, said: “It’s the young adults in the pride who are baiting each other.

“That’s how they play. It looks quite aggressive and does get quite rough.

“You can see in one picture one of them is going for the other.


“There were probably around 18 lions in that pride.

“There were lots of little cubs getting involved but as soon as the big ones come along they stay out of the way because they could get hurt.

“They fight and it can get quite aggressive. They do bite and hurt each other when they get carried away. It was fantastic to watch.

“It was late afternoon so the light was just starting to fade. It was an amazing experience seeing them in their natural habitat.”

Sales agent Trevor said he can sit for long periods, sometimes up to seven hours, taking photographs.


Trevor said: “It’s a hobby which I’ve been doing properly for about seven years.

“I go to Kruger about three times a year to take pictures of wildlife and birdlife.

“It’s so exciting, I’m a wildlife nut.

“You can go round the corner and take a photo of something that no-one else has done – that’s why it’s an amazing hobby.”