Offbeat Video

By Kim Reader

A ‘frightened’ fitness fanatic believes he has filmed the ghost of a 16th century castle leaving a ‘possessed’ medium’s body – just moments after the entity launched itself at the camera.

Tony Ferguson was exploring Calshot Castle in Calshot, Hampshire, with psychic medium Paul Cissell when the pair experienced a spine-tingling series of encounters with a ‘controlling spirit’.

Personal trainer Tony first filmed what he believes to be a misty white ghost flying straight at his camera while alone in a pitch black room of the old artillery fort.

Moments later the 33-year-old joined Paul in an adjoining room but claims the medium was acting strangely and didn’t seem to be himself.

In the eerie footage Paul can be heard explaining to Tony a strange sensation down one side of his body and a feeling that he might pass out.

Then suddenly a white mist – much like the one captured earlier by Tony – appears to emanate from the psychic’s body before Paul declares ‘and it’s gone’.

The duo were so shaken by the events that Paul and Tony decided it best to flee the castle and the hostile ghost, who they believe to have once been a keeper on the 1539 fort.

Tony, of Southampton, Hamps, said: “Paul was in the other room and I was trying to communicate with something. I had felt something come into the room with me.

“I was asking it to show itself and this white mist flew straight at my camera. You can see it almost reaching out like a hand.

“A few minutes later I joined Paul in the back room. I could tell as soon as I saw him that he didn’t seem himself, it was something in his eyes. It’s like he was in a daze.

“He was telling me that he’d felt something pass through him and when I asked him about the work that had been done to the castle he said he started to feel angry.

“Then suddenly the same white mist flew out of his body and at that exact moment he said ‘it’s gone’. I actually saw whatever had been possessing him leave his body.

“It was amazing but also really weird and quite frightening. Paul told me the spirit was once the keeper of the castle and he was angry that we were there.

“It was obvious from the ghost’s controlling behaviour that he wanted us to leave.

“You do get controlling and hostile spirits and for the most part they’re not dangerous but when it comes to people getting possessed it is scary no matter how experienced you are with the paranormal.

“Being a medium Paul is more sensitive to the paranormal. I’ve got quite a strong aura so I will not allow anyone to get inside me.

“But after seeing Paul like that and realising the spirit’s power, you just don’t know what’s going to happen. We decided it was best to leave.”

Calshot Castle was constructed between 1539 and 1540 by Henry VIII as part of the King’s Device programme to protect against invasion from France and the Holy Roman Empire.

While many visitors to the English Heritage site have claimed to have seen a ghostly gentleman wondering the halls, Tony believes he and Paul are the first to conduct a paranormal investigation of the fort.

It was intrigue and the allure of being the first to delve into the ghoulish goings on at Calshot Castle that inspired Tony’s visit.

Tony got into ghost hunting just over a year ago after developing a fascination with the paranormal as a child.

Throughout his childhood Tony had a number of ghostly encounters with the spirits of a man and young girl in his granddad’s house.

After his paranormal experiences only became more frequent as an adult, Tony became convinced that something about his ‘energy’ attracts spooks.

Tony said: “My granddad’s house was haunted. There was loads of activity there with things flying around and the spirits of a man and girl always visiting so I was constantly surrounded by it.

“Growing up around it meant I was intrigued from a very young age and as I got older I realised that I had this gift where any time I went into a haunted place, spirits would appear.

“It must be something about my energy that just attracts them. It did used to scare me but I’ve got used to it now, most spirits aren’t harmful at all.

“I decided to pursue this gift and picked up paranormal investigation as a hobby. At first I didn’t share my videos or photos with anyone because it was a very personal journey.

“But after a while I decided I wanted to share some of the amazing things I have seen to open other people’s eyes to the paranormal world.”