Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

A parkour addict recorded the moment he somersaulted mid-air then landed perfectly onto a metal beam.

Ahmed Matar, 22, has been practising parkour for 13 years and has only just nailed this pro-move.

In this footage, which was captured in Kungsbacka, Sweden, Ahmed can be seen somersaulting in the air before securing a two-footed landing on the metal pole.

Ahmed, a parkour trainer, said: “Perfecting this trick felt amazing – I was so happy when I did it, I felt proud to be able to make it after so many attempts.

“I always say there’s nothing impossible, and I have done this trick since on a lot of harder levels.

“In my years of practising parkour, I have had many injuries – and this is a trick that seems impossible for most athletes and took me six attempts to complete.”