Life Video

By Charlotte Regen

An adorable father and son duo have recorded their own piano rendition of the famous ‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtrack.

Michael and Avery Toeniskoetter have captured the moment that they re-created a segment from The Greatest Showman soundtrack in their home.

When Michael was practising playing along to the new musical book that he had received, he noticed Avery singing along behind him and decided to capture the footage.

The video was taken in their home in Missouri, United States.

Michael said: “This was the first time Avery has ever really sang for me as normally he’s too shy and would only sing if I played for him. 

“I was originally playing and I thought I heard him singing so I played a bit softer and it was true, I couldn’t believe it!

“I had him then sit by me and helped him with some of the words and then I was blown away by his pitch and adorableness, I knew I had to record it.

“I was happy to spend some time with my little one, doing something we both love. 

“We probably spent an hour just playing and listening to him sing, it was one of the special moments being a parent.”