Animals Video

By Katy Gil

This runaway pony was left with quite a long face after its failed attempts at an escape required a police escort to take it home down a busy highway.

Clewiston Police Department received a phone call on April 18, explaining that the escaped pony had run into traffic on the busy highway U.S. Route 27, at San Pedro, Clewiston, Florida.

Officers raced to the scene, and in the amusing footage their cameras were able to capture, the outrun horse was then led back to his farm by a rope that was borrowed from passersby.

“The Pony Whisperer” Officer McLeod – who admitted “needless to say our cuffs didn’t work” –  managed to catch the horse and escort him to safety, walking the animal alongside the slow-moving police car while its hazard lights flashed.

Officer Jennifer Diaz, Public Information Officer for Clewiston Police Department, said: “We are a rural town, but to have a horse racing my vehicle and out running is definitely unusual. Usually, they don’t run from us!

“Everyone loves the video. 

“We get complimented all the time.”

In a statement, the police station also joked: “The pony was questioned at the station and processed for fleeing to elude an officer.

“After interviewing him, we found out he was just trying to train for a marathon and was released without charge.

“We fed him carrots, which were kindly donated by the local community and was soon taken back to his pasture and reunited with his owners.”