Amazing Video

By Ben Walley

These gutsy tourists braved crocodile-infested waters for the chance to SWIM with them.

Andrew Trace, from London, and William Drumm, from Colorado, spent two days getting up close and personal with the predators in Banco Chinchorro, Mexico.

Pic by William Drumm/Caters News

It was the first time the pals swam with crocodiles, and they revealed the crocs even looked straight into their eyes!

William, 31, said: “We saw maybe 12 crocodiles over the two days we were there, the biggest one was about 13 foot long.

Pic by William Drumm/Caters News

“They were very territorial and there were definitely moments I thought they were going to come for me.

“The crocs look you right in the eyes, and sometimes move toward you.

Pic by William Drumm/Caters News

“That’s why the croc handler is there, he pushes the crocs away when they get too close.”

He added: “It actually wasn’t very scary when I was in the water with them though.

Pic by William Drumm/Caters News

“It’s so quiet underwater, and the animals mostly move slowly. It was almost peaceful.

Pic by William Drumm/Caters News

“It wasn’t until after I got out that I realized just how crazy what I’d done really was.”