By Jos Weale

Meet the real life ‘Boy in the Dress’ who wore a My Little Pony frock to school for non-uniform day – because he says boys can wear girls’ clothes too.

Proud mum Lauren Springthorpe said four-year-old son Nicholas Perkin was challenging gender stereotypes when he insisted on wearing the pony-adorned dress in front of his peers on his school’s ‘own clothes day’ on Fri


Mum-of-one Lauren, who has not yet read Nicholas the book, said: “We went shopping at Tesco a couple of weeks ago and when we were in the clothes section he picked out the My Little Pony dress.

“He said, ‘look mummy, I’d look so good in this, and it’s my size. It’s size four to five so it would fit me. Skirts aren’t just for girls, you know.’

“He begged his daddy to buy it for him, and was so happy with it. He gave him a big hug to say thank you for buying it for him.

“I usually lay out his clothes the night before school, and I put out some jeans and a t-shirt for him for non-uniform day.

“But he insisted he wanted to wear the dress. He chose the outfit himself with white tights and converse. He says it’s a pretty dress and he looks really good in it.


“He wore the dress to school and the teachers loved it. I sent him with a change of clothes as well in case he got bullied, but he only had to change for a walk in the woods.

“When he got home he changed straight back into his dress.”

Lauren says she and Nicholas’ dad Liam Perkin, 21, though not together, are both extremely supportive of Nicholas’ choice to wear female clothing.

And sales and marketing manager Liam was even the one who purchased the My Little Pony dress for his son during the family shopping trip.

Nicholas’ pony frock isn’t his first appearance in a skirt at school as on World Book Day earlier this month he graced the classroom dressed as Cruella De Vil, complete with black pencil skirt, cape and wig.


Lauren said her son is an avid fan of My Little Pony toys and clothing but also loves toys and clothing which is more stereotypically male.

And the mum-of-one said she has no qualms about her boy dressing however he likes – despite some parents disagreeing with her.

Lauren, said: “I don’t really know what it is that he likes about dresses so much. I don’t know whether it’s the feel of the fabric or how they look.

“He’d seen the Cruella De Vil outfit I had for my 18th birthday and wanted to go as her.

“We found him a black skirt and got the cape adjusted for him, and he wore the wig and took in a Dalmatian toy.


“The teachers all loved it. A couple of children in his class picked on him a little bit, and he said he would never wear dresses again. But then the teacher spoke to the boys and it was sorted.

“On non-uniform day one of the mums said to me, ‘do you think it’s really right to let him dress like that?’

“I said I want to raise him to be who he wants to be. As long as he’s happy I don’t mind. The teachers don’t mind, they think it’s great.


“His favourite is My Little Pony and he does play with other stereotypical girls’ toys and has a dolls’ pram but he’ll play with anything.

“He really likes the Gruffalo, Pokémon and Thunderbirds too. I’m not bothered what he plays with and wears, as long as he’s happy. He’s a really happy child.”