Offbeat Video

BY Lauren Fruen 

THIS home appears to have been frozen in time after an incredible haul of 1970s and 80s memorabilia was found there. 

Michael Jackson records, vintage toys and posters of popstars of yesteryear were all discovered at the abandoned house. 

PIC BY Freaktography / CATERS NEWS

The images – taken by photographer Freaktography in Ontario, Canada – show piles of vinyl records, including the Bee Gees and ABBA scattered across rooms. 

Old comics, pop culture items and even wedding photos litter the house which looks to have been left under quick circumstances. 

PIC BY Freaktography / CATERS NEWS

Photographer Freaktography said: “This incredible abandoned house has been left to slowly rot after the apparent passing of both residents of the home.

“It’s a real time capsule and holds more treasures than I could ever try to mention.

PIC BY Freaktography / CATERS NEWS

“There are toys that date back to the 50’s, through the 60’s, 70’s, and all the way to the 80’s and 90’s. 

“It also has a stellar record collection that starts with early jazz and country and continues through the decades stopping somewhere in the mid 80’s.

“Stacks upon stacks of old magazines that document an entire history of pop culture through the generations, including what looks like every TV guide ever printed.

PIC BY Freaktography / CATERS NEWS

“Buried beneath stacks of filled garbage bags, piles of magazines clothes and furniture sits entire an family history with original birth certificates, original black and white wedding photos and a teenage girls bedroom with Platinum Blonde posters still on the walls.

“All through this amazing abandoned house I was finding bits of pop culture history from the 70’s into the 80’s from old Barbie dolls, magazines with ET on the cover from 1982, comic books, board games that are so well preserved they would no doubt fetch a lot of money.”