Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran 

This toddler’s pronunciation is just a little QUACKERS. 

Three-year-old Max Arnold was trying to say the sound ducks make, but instead turned into a little potty mouth. 

Rather than saying ‘quack’ to his dad Matt Arnold, 34, he comes out with something ruder. 

Sitting on his dad’s knee, Max is amused as he repeatedly ignores corrections and instead says a swear word. 

Matt, a senior L&D partner, tries and fails to suppress his laughter at his son’s attempts to say ‘quack’, which he captured on video. 

Matt from Werrington, Staffs, said: “Everyone who sees it laughs and thinks he’s really cute. 

“Fortunately no one looks at us with a disapproving look. 

“When my wife and I first heard it we burst into laughter but we are trying not laugh too hard so he won’t react to us and keep saying it. 

“We discovered he couldn’t say ‘quack’ because he has a towel that he wears after the bath that is a duck, so he looks like one when he wears it. 

“I asked him what do ducks say and this is what he came out with. 

“Max can’t pronounce certain letters as he has had problems with his ears, nose and throat. 

“He has had an operation to sort it, which has helped with his sleeping but not with his talking. 

“He can’t pronounce ‘c’ sounds and it comes out as a ‘t’, so instead of ‘quack’ he says ‘t**t’. 

“He also can’t pronounce his ‘l’s, ‘s’s or ‘f’s, so he pronounces a lot of words wrongly, but we find it adorable love it.

“He’s getting better, but it still sounds the same.”