Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen

This beautiful mountain trail seems to go on forever as it plots through the Irish hills.


The incredible views were captured on drone by Dezso Toth as he and his family walked the sprawling Cuilcagh Legnabrocky Trail in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

They had planned the walk for over two years and despite the difficult height, they say they’re already planning on going back.

Dezso said: “Weather conditions on Cuilcagh Mountain can be quick to change & inhospitable all year round making way finding difficult in poor visibility at any time of the year.


“My wife found it in 2015 on the internet but we could only go in 2017.

“I haven’t done it before – this was the first time, though we’re already planning to do it again.


“It was difficult – especially the last stage at stairs. We completed it all and it took us about six hours back and forth.

“Equip yourself for walking in a mountainous area, waterproof clothing, boots, food, drink etc.  Be aware that mobile reception in the area is poor.


“Let someone know where you have gone and when you are expected back.”