Offbeat Video

Snowmobile crosses icy river before losing power and falling back into water.

As Evgeniy Sharapov tried to move supplies through the frozen Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Russia, he was faced with a watery obstacle.

Having successfully crossed with one previous snowmobile, the 38-year-old veterinarian tries to drive across again.

Bouncing off the surface, Evgeniy manages to cross the other side of the stream and almost to the top of the snowy bank opposite.

Suddenly losing power and grip, he slowly slips back into the freezing water and is unable to get out again.

Evgeniy said: “The only way I got out was with the help of another snowmobile.

“At one point I fell through the snow and the only thing you could see was my head.

“Where we live we have to drive like this often because of the conditions.

“Ordinarily driving around on a snowmobile is good fun, but when you’re on a mission like this it presents more problems.”