Life Video

By Ben Walley

This adorable moment was caught on camera when a son few out to Spain to surprise his mum on her birthday.

Brenton D’Silva, 45, sneaks into the restaurant where his mum’s birthday dinner is going on.

His mum, Moira, 67, seems thrilled and shocked at the same time and wraps Brenton up in a massive hug.

Pic by Brenton D Silva/Caters News

‘Oh my god’ she repeats as the birthday guests cheer in the background.

Jackie was born in the UK but moved out to live permanently in Spain two years ago.

Brenton, who captured the moment with his fiancé, said: “They were all sworn to secrecy that we were going and I think some struggled keeping it secret. 

“It must be said that Angie and Jackie did an amazing job organising this surprise and without their help it wouldn’t have been such a great day for my mum, all we did was turn up.

“Her first surprise was seeing her friends at the venue which overwhelmed her and the second was Kelly and I walking in.

“She had no clue whatsoever. We landed at Alicante airport and I called her to wish her happy birthday and said I would face time her that night as I was busy at work.

“I must admit I felt nervous when we arrived outside the venue as all this planning that Angie and Jackie had done was at that moment very real.

Pic by Brenton D Silva/Caters News

 “Especially knowing there was a crowd of people in there knowing what was going on.

“It was a weird feeling to be honest walking in and doing the actual surprise as I have never done anything like that.

“She couldn’t believe that we were actually there and it took a few glasses of vino for her to take it in.

“It was a lovely day and evening which started at the restaurant and carried on at a bar down the road.

“Myself and Kelly met lots of her friends out there which was nice and it is reassuring to know that she has met some nice people out there.

“We spent some quality time there as I mentioned before when I do get to see her she is surrounded by the grandchildren. 

Pic by Brenton D Silva/Caters News

“I called her friend Angie who lives out there and explained what I wanted to do and originally myself and Kelly was going to go to Angie’s and then Angie would bring my mum there and that would be the surprise.

“Angie is a professional organiser and used to organise weddings for a living at a venue in Scotland she owned so she was in her element for something like this. 

“So between her and mutual friend Jackie set about organising a surprise meal at the restaurant and invited a load of friends my mum has out there to it.”